The Illustrious Heritage of Masking

The Illustrious Heritage of Masking


To celebrate the arrival of our Indulgent Mask Sets, we thought we’d find out more about the illustrious heritage of masking!

The origins of the clay mask as a holistic face and body treatment reach deep into ancient time. The Ancient Egyptians were trailblazing exponents of skin care rituals that had significance which extended beyond looks alone, into powerful symbology. Physical beauty was associated with wealth, influence and good health. Legend has it that Cleopatra regularly used a Dead Sea mud mask to cleanse her skin and egg whites to tighten her pores.


In Ancient Rome women used oils, plant extracts, honey, goose fat and animal dung to mask, with the aim of achieving a flawlessly smooth complexion.

One of the most opulent, indulgent masks in history (which sounds incredible!) was a ground mix of jadeite, ginger, lotus root and real pearls that was used by high-ranking women of the Tang Dynasty in China. What a glow that must have left!

Our carefully curated mask sets use the finest natural ingredients to let you experience the same sensual benefits people have enjoyed since ancient times:

  • Gentle and effective makeup removal
  • Deeply cleansed pores
  • Absorption of excess oil
  • A radiant complexion
  • 100% natural ingredients

If you’d like a bit of help deciding which of our four masks would be best for your skin, just drop us a line and we’d be happy to make a recommendation!

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