Welcome & Thank You

Welcome & Thank You

Raven Botanicals is finally here!

As we approach our sixth month of business we thought we’d say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us as we lift Raven Botanicals off the ground and into flight!

For those of you who don’t already know us, we are Charlotte and Arabella. We’re sisters and we grew up in the beautiful Borders of Scotland, on the banks of the Tweed. We were lucky enough to have lived in a creative home crammed with eclectic artworks and surrounded by a beautiful, productive and inspiring garden. Between us, we went on to study Botany and Fine Art before doing some travelling and eventually settling, Arabella in East Lothian and Charlotte in the Borders.



Natural skincare has been calling us for quite some time and we’ve been making natural skincare products for ourselves for years. After deciding to take the plunge into business together we’ve been working hard on developing our brand, creating beautiful new formulations and designing unique packaging to match. 

While it’s been quite an undertaking to develop our brand during lockdown, it’s incredibly rewarding to see our products finally making their way into the hands of our lovely customers. The leap of faith has definitely been worth it and we’re pleased to say that, so far, we are making a good team! One of us is super-organised and the other slightly less so (we won’t say who’s who) but we’re keeping one another motivated, challenged and focused. It’s proven a huge learning curve but it’s brilliant to be able to indulge our love of skin care in this new mission together.

Thanks to all our friends, family and followers for the invaluable encouragement! We’re looking forward to the next chapter of Raven Botanicals with positivity and excitement - glad to have you joining us.

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