Gemstone Facial Rollers


Our beautiful Gemstone Facial Rollers are available in Rose Quartz, Jade and Sodalite.

The practice of facial rolling has been in use over centuries. It originated in 7th Century China, where jade was revered for its capabilities in healing the skin. Facial rolling can encourage lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce puffiness around the eyes and stimulate the skin’s natural detoxification processes. Using a cold roller on the face can contract puffy skin and tighten pores, helping to contour and sculpt the face.

Directions for use: apply a facial oil or moisturiser so the tool is rolling on, not pulling, the skin. Roll up the way, starting with the neck, then from the jawline to the cheekbone and ear. Roll upward from the eyebrows to the temple and in an outward direction across the eyebrows. Finally, roll downwards beside the ear to help lymphatic drainage of excess fluid and flush away toxins.

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