al·che·my | ˈal-kə-mē

al·che·my | ˈal-kə-mē

al·​che·​my | ˈal-kə-mē

October is a month to stimulate the senses... Golden trees glowing in warm evening light, swirling leaves on bright, blustery days, conker battles and foraging for sloe berries to brew the perfect seasonal tipple!

This magical month marks a special birthday at RBHQ and we are excited to celebrate it with you! October marks the anniversary of our natural skincare hero SPELLBIND Serum coming into being on All Hallows' Eve.

Our enchanting elixir has received glowing feedback from customers: 

"Spellbind may be small but it sure is mighty with potent ingredients working their magic with only a few drops on each application. After around 3 days of use, my skin was a lot calmer and stopped feeling as sensitive to the cold and heat. After 10 days, my skin looked brighter and just felt happier. The effects were long lasting and definitely noticeable after 4-6 weeks!"  Emma - Beauty Folio, UK

The creation of Spellbind sees modern expertise rooted in ancient wisdom otherwise known as Alchemy! Fusing exceptional natural ingredients into our signature blend with wild harvested açai berries, prickly pear oils, rosehip, yarrow and wonderfully silky, restorative olive Squalane. 

Then comes the witchcraft with two remarkable active ingredients:

BAKUCHIOL - also referred to as a "phyto-retinol" is structurally and chemically different to Retinol, yet it has been shown to have similar impacts on the skin without the risk of irritation.

CBD - a compound found in the leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant. Intensely soothing with anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties reducing any redness, swelling and irritation as well as working to deeply hydrate.

This foundational plant-based blend works to improve skin elasticity, increase firmness and boost cell regeneration, reducing the visible signs of skin ageing. 

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