Raven Botanicals is created by sisters, Arabella and Charlotte, who spent a free-range childhood in the beautiful Borders of Scotland.

Arabella and Charlotte

"Influenced by our mother's encyclopaedic knowledge of plants and father's landscape-inspired sculpture, we turned our passion for plant-based potions into an intelligent skincare range that harnesses the evocative mythologies of the natural world to address skin health and self esteem.

With backgrounds in botany and fine art, we blend ingredients from the ancient Scottish land and coastline with the finest ethically sourced botanicals to create an unforgettable skincare experience, made to nourish skin and soul.

Hours spent experimenting with natural ingredients as children evolved, over time, into a passion for skincare blended from natural sources. We grew up in a virtually self-sufficient household and making our own products is a natural expression of the creative values with which we were raised.

Following the loss of our beautiful Mum, we decided to work together, using the plants she loved, to invest our passion into a business. We not only wanted to create products that work, but a brand that truly values and cares for the people who use it. Raven Botanicals finally took flight in July of 2020 and we are thrilled to be able to share our unique, high-performance formulations with fellow skincare lovers.

We hope you love using our products as much as we love creating them for you!"

Arabella & Charlotte


    We work hard to create beautiful products that are a pleasure to use, but most importantly WORK to address your skin health and skin concerns. We don't use product bases and 'flavour' with essential oils or use white label ready made formulations - everything we make is formulated and handmade by us in our rural East Lothian studio.


    We partner with the Ecologi to plant a tree for each product we sell and also make regular product donations to Women's Aid. We do our best to support ethical supply chains for ingredients grown outside the UK and use some circular ingredients like grapeseed and raspberry seed oils.

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    From golden sea buckthorn oil from berries hand-picked on the ancient East Lothian coastline to Scottish lavender grown just sixty miles away, we source ingredients locally and from the UK, where possible. UK grown ingredients we use include white poppy, hemp, black currant, sea buckthorn, borage, nettle, lavender and rosemary.


    We are proudly cruelty-free and will never use ingredients that have been tested on animals or test our own products on animals. All of our products are vegan or vegetarian friendly.


    As well as being bad for biodiversity and eroding small farming communities, both soy and palm production are major causes of deforestation, habitat loss, soil degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. Raven Botanicals is a palm oil free and soy free company.


    We supply our products in widely recyclable materials like glass and aluminium and all of our pumps and droppers are reusable. Our packaging is deliberately simple and we protect your products in transit with biodegradable plant-based packing peanuts which dissolve on contact with water.

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