Raven Botanicals Natural Skincare Ubtan Cleansing Scrub

A Recipe for Perfect Skin

Ubtan treatments hail from the ancient Ayurvedic alternative medicine system which dates back thousands of years.  These intriguing therapies and their underpinning principles remain at the core of many cultures in the present day - Ubtan has been a skincare staple for centuries for a reason.
AYUR (life) VEDA (science or knowldege)
Ubtan holds both romance and versatility in how it is created and the legacy it holds, the recipe being lovingly handed down through generations. The effects can also change depending on which ingredients have been incorporated.
We have launched our very own version of Ubtan in conjunction with Sumayya Usmani who shared her exquisite family recipe with us.  We could not be more proud to bring this magical product into the Raven family!

This  multi purpose hybrid between a mask and a scrub and is used to cleanse and exfoliate. Traditionally used to heal, protect and beautify the face and body, made with powdered or natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, pulses and grains. 
Our version contains sustainably sourced sandalwood, rose and turmeric which combine to create a replenishing, softening and brightening mask / scrub that can be mixed with water, rose hydrosol or yoghurt and applied to the skin before being rolled away with the hands, revealing a softened, brightened complexion.
🌹 Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and soothing impacts of skin - great at reducing redness and calming acne.
🌹 Anti- aging: slows down the aging process, tightening skin and increasing collagen turnover.
🌹  Rich in Vit C and Vit E to nourish and turn over skin cell production leaving a glowing complexion.
🌹  Gently exfoliates and lightens scars, blemishes and sun damage without harsh rubbing.

💛 Soothing and healing to ease skin suffering from eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis and helps to ease scarring.
💛  Brightens skin after first use diminishing acne scars, sun damage and hyper pigmentation due to its abundance of anti-oxidants.
💛 Improves circulation which can help tackle dark circles under eyes and generally dull skin.
🤎  Soothing properties making it an ideal addition to calm rashes and sunburn.
🤎 A rich source of anti-oxidants that prevent skin sagging and the formation of wrinkles whilst protecting the skin barrier from environmental damage.
🤎 Anti-septic properties to reduce bacterial growth on the skin lessening the eruption of acne, boils and irritation.
🤎 Softens and nourishes skin whilst reducing dryness and improving elasticity.
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