It's our birthday! We're celebrating one whole year in business.

It's our birthday! We're celebrating one whole year in business.

...and what a year it's been!

We've been totally blessed to be surrounded by a fabulous community of natural beauty lovers and we're thrilled with the industry recognition of our products so far. Thank you all for your positivity and good vibes which have made our first year in business an absolute pleasure.


We started Raven Botanicals in 2020 during the pandemic. Raising a business during such a challenging time has been an experience we have learned so much from and one that we will never forget! We feel really lucky to have had such positive feedback from all our friends and followers and we're busy in the studio working on a series of new formulations for imminent release. If you haven't already signed up to our mailing list, please do if you'd like advance notification of "on sale" dates for our stunning series of Glow Potions to light your skin up for summer and our beautiful new Rescue Serum which uses nettle, marine algae and blackcurrant to effectively address irritation and inflammation.

To celebrate our first full year as a fully fledged, natural beauty brand, we’re offering 15% off EVERYTHING for the next week. Simply enter RAVEN1 at checkout to claim your discount.

(Offer ends at midnight on 10th July.)

Don't forget we're also offering double Love Raven Reward points with every order of our beautiful SPELLBIND serum this month, too. Because Spellbind contains a very special ingredient called CBD we have to take payment by invoice for this product, so just complete our our order form if you'd like to give it a try or need to replenish your supply!

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