Soy Free Skincare

Soy Free Skincare

Did you know that we are a soy free brand?

Did you know that many plant based butters and balms in natural skincare blends use a soy base?

As well as being bad for biodiversity and eroding small farming communities, soy production is a major cause of deforestation, soil degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. Only around 3% of the soy on the market is currently certified sustainable! We try hard to operate in an ethical way, and we’re now proud to say that as well as being 100% palm oil free, we’re also 100% soy free.

Our new Night Balm formulation packs the same impressive punch where skin benefits go, and it’s also lighter and more easily absorbed into the skin - bonus!

We’d love you to try it, so we’re giving away* a discovery-sized Night Balm with every order over £30 this week! Just add your Night Balm to the cart and we’ll do the rest.

*while stocks last… offer ends 5th June 2022 so don’t delay!

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