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Raven Botanicals

Mini Facial Massage Set

Mini Facial Massage Set

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Enhance the relaxing and sculpting benefits of facial massage with our mini gemstone roller sets. Select your roller and match with your favourite serum or oil to relieve muscle tension and combat puffiness. 

Choose Rock Quartz to improve elasticity, reduce puffiness and aid lymphatic drainage. Rock Quartz is said to bring positivity, calm the mind and ease tension.

Choose Jade to sculpt the face and cleanse the skin by stimulating the body’s natural detoxification processes. Jade is said to bring peace and harmony to the user.

Choose Sodalite to reduce tension, promote cell turnover and detoxify the skin. Sodalite is revered for metaphysical benefits including improving self-esteem, bringing emotional balance and calming the mind.

Choose Obsidian to promote inner peace and dispel negative energy. Obsidian holds temperature so experiment with a cold massage to tighten pores and balance the skin.

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Directions For Use

Roll up and out towards the ears to soothe away inflammation, stimulate blood flow and brighten the complexion.