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Raven Botanicals

Skin Saviour Duo

Skin Saviour Duo

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Raven Botanicals’ powerful Skin Saviour Duo nourishes and hydrates the complexion all year round - and are true warriors when it comes to protecting the skin during the harsh, drying conditions of Winter.

Our signature bestseller, Skin Saviour Facial Oil with Scottish Sea Buckthorn, contains a star-studded list of soothing natural ingredients brought together to create an exquisite facial oil that works to hydrate, heal and moisturise, giving a healthy, youthful glow. High in fatty acids and rich in vitamins, a wealth of antioxidant, antimicrobial and collagen-boosting oils reduce inflammation, improve complexion and fight signs of ageing.

Night Balm is a rich and luxurious treatment that works its compelling, restorative magic overnight to help skin repair and rejuvenate. Powerful ingredients including Hemp, Rosehip and Frankincense combine to balance and smooth, repair and rejuvenate, firm and hydrate.

Warm a tiny amount between the fingers and apply to the face and neck for skin that feels hydrated and full of vitality. Hot tip: rub any residue into the hands for soft, nourished skin in the morning.

Handmade in small batches | Cruelty-free | Preservative-free.

If any ingredients are new to you, please ensure you patch test before introducing gradually to your routine.


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